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Mint fit for your summer pimms.

it's that time of year again, when Mint is starting to peek it's head up, and we are starting to think of all the ways it can be used in the kitchen, - Spring lamb with mint sauce, Minted Peas, Mint tea, and of course the queen of summer drinks a Pimms.

Mint is very invasive, and needs to be kept in a pot, unless you have an enclosed space in which to grow it. Because it grows fast, you need to make sure that you divide it now, before the roots get too tightly wound, to ensure that you have a healthy supply for this year.


This apple mint is one of the less vigorous varieties, but it has filled this 30cm pot in a year.

To keep it growing strongly, I cut it into 3, - using a sharp spade, or probably if the roots are very matted, a pruning saw, or an old bread knife.

it doesn't matter if some of the fibrous roots are severed, the mint will regrow from small pieces, so don't be afraid to chop it up.

I then repot one third into the original pot. using a mix of John innes compost or garden soil, and multipurpose compost. And water well.

The pot can then be resunk in the ground, but beware, - i'd advise leaving a lip above the soil level, because the mint wants to spread, and i've found that if you put it level with the ground, you will find escaping trails during the summer.

I'm growing about 6 varieties of mint this year, - my favourite for pimms is a large leaved variety that I can't find in the garden centres, but was growing all over my vegetable patch when I moved to this garden. - it's now firmly potted.


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