West Horsley Horticultural Society Spring Show - or, I nearly won the cup!
Sycamore Saplings, in their thousands

1st Planting at Grace and Flavour

This morning, i've been helping out at Grace and Flavour, the Horsley community vegetable garden project. Things are really taking off now, a team of 60 people have been hard at work clearing the land of all the debris, and the apple trees that we pruned in January are now free of weeds and brambles, and the original path has been found underneath them. ClearedG&flsiteapr10

The first planting has begun, with Strawberries and Potatoes the first crops Seedpotatoesinbarrow

There are still rather a lot of Nettles to tackle

And lots of rotavating and clearing the site of all the debris that has accumulated over the last 40 years.

I was helping the rotavating team to clear bedsprings, glass and ceramic from the newly turned earth, and there will be lots of nettle roots still left behind


I enjoyed my morning of labour in the sunshine, and can't wait to see it all become green from plants, not weeds.

If you'd like to be part of the team, and share in the produce later in the year, please find out more at the Grace and Flavour website


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