Bloom Day for November
Layered pot, for winter through to spring colour

We have our first egg!

Our rescue chickens Sally and Princess Leia have been with us for about a month now. - They both have all their feathers back and are getting bolder when we let them free range the garden (my corn salad has all been eaten). This morning we were rewarded with our first egg.

I don't know which one laid it, I think probably Sally as she has been out of "captivity" for longer, and she was very excited when I picked up the egg and gave it to William


it was quite a big egg, and risking being late for school, we immediatly turned it into a boiled egg to go with toast soldiers.

I was going to do a photo of the egg and yolk waiting to be eaten, but it was so delicious I forgot



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That is a very large egg! Congrats on your first egg. I bet an egg that fresh must taste so good!

Garden Sheds

How did it taste? Looks huge!


Ooh, that is a big egg! I forgot to explain to my then five-year-old we would be eating the chicken's eggs and when I boiled our first one he was devestated (bad mummy).

Claire Brown

yes it was a big egg, (although the hands are of a 5 yr old!) - it tasted great, and we've had some every day since, - I love poached eggs for breakfast.

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