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Falling leaves, - turn them into plant food and mulch

The nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter and your lawn suddenly disappears under a sea of leaves.

Now raking leaves up can be invigorating excersise, or it can be boring and never ending at this time of year, - but it might cheer you up to know that all your hard work can be worth it, if you turn your leaves into leaf mulch.

2 years ago, I encouraged (ok, maybe bullied is closer to the truth) several of my clients to start leaf bins. - The results are now in.

and whether you leave your leaves in a large builders sack, -or in a purpose made bin, you can get great leaf mulch within 2 years to add to your garden.

To make really good mulch, you need 3 ingredients

1) Wet Leaves, - if you add them dry, then you need rain to be able to get to them to help them to rot down

2) Air, - either open sides, and open top or holes in the bags help with this

3) Time - leave it alone for a couple of years and you'll have deep rich crumbly leaf mulch

i'd also suggest you compact the leaves well as you put them in or this happens


there is a very good value leaf bin available through The recycle works But if you don't have a completly flat surface with lots of space, i'd recommend using extra canes as support to make sure the bin doesn't collapse like this one did. - also make sure you put the join in the mesh at the front, so that you can easily get the leaf mould out.

I hope you have fun making your leaf bins, -even if the leaf raking is slightly harder work.


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