Have you got space for wildflowers in your garden?
Successional planting (or what to plant now to keep you eating veg longer)

Wildflowers in a small space update

since my last blog post about my vergeside wildflowers, they've enjoyed baking sunshine, and so here are some more pictures for you

i've had several people asking me which mix I used as well, DSC_0093 so here are all the details so that you can plant a lazy border too.

Flowering lawn mix from Suttons, - Harebell, Cowslip, Poppy and others £2.85

Wildflower mixture from Suttons - Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Poppy and others, £2.85

Pictorial Meadows Contrasting Mix, - Cornflower, Red and Blue Flaxs and Larkspur.

Corncockle (agrostemmon) from T&M - £1.99

plus it is mixed in with some grass seed (a patch pack)- £2.99

Yes that's the whole summer flowering border for less than £15


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Nan Ondra

Hi Claire! Thanks so much for sharing the links to this and your original wildflowers post for the Design Workshop at Gardening Gone Wild. You've come up with a charming solution for a difficult site. I hope you'll post more updates on its progress in 2010.

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