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What's that sticky weed?

Sticky weed, sometimes known as cleavers, - or its latin name of Galium Aparine is starting to multiply everywhere this week.

This weed which can grow very rapidly to overwhelm plants is spread by clinging on to clothing or animals so that the seed is spread round the garden.

Yes Children love it, but the weed is counting on them to spread itself!

Don't let it get to seeding stage, and you can almost eliminate it. - it's easy to pull up and remove, if you're going to add it to the compost heap, let it dry out first. You'll need a good pair of knee pads though as its favourite hiding place is under hedges (always spiky ones in my experience)

Speedwell is also spreading quickly at the moment, - another easy to get out but quick to seed one, and  the Ground Elder is back in force.  If you have this rotter (like me!) then you need a hand fork with you to pry out as much root as possible while the ground is soft.


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